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The importance of having your HVAC unit inspected.

As a new year is upon us, have you considered your current air conditioning  and heating system?  The warm temperatures will be here before you know it.  Get your system tuned up now so it will be ready for the heat.   Having this service done early can usually cost a few less dollars than waiting until it gets too hot.

Tune ups from Definitive Air run $59.00 for the first system and $49.00 for each additional system.  This will include inspection of Air handlers or furnaces, inspection of the ductwork, secondary drain pan, and electrical system.   We check the blower motor, test capacitors, tighten electrical connections, and check condensate drain lines. On furnace systems we will check safety’s, burner assembly, gas valve, purge motor, amp draw on all motors, and make sure the flu pipe and heat exchanger is not leaking and operating properly.

Definitive Air will also inspect your condenser and inspect all electrical connections to make sure they  are secure and tightened.  Your compressor  and outdoor fan motor capacitors will be load tested, refrigerant levels checked, and amp draw tested on the fan motor and compressor.  We also will inspect your evaporative coil.

If you have an R22 refrigerant system, the price on R22 refrigerant is fairly low at this time.  Be assured as spring approaches the cost will increase, so now is the time to have this service performed.

Perhaps you’re considering a new high efficiency R-410 A System.  Definitive Air offers a full line of HVAC equipment to suit your homes needs.  It can reduce energy costs and weather you have a package heat pump, gas system, split gas or heat pump system, all new Rheem equipment come with a 10 year compressor and 10 year parts warranty.  So whatever your HVAC needs, call Definitive Air for a  free estimate on a new heating and cooling system.

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