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Thank you for choosing Definitive Air for your HVAC needs. We appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions about your experience with our company. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to send us your kind words.

Here are some comments from our customers:

Air Conditioning Repair

My neighbors boyfriend needed an A/C repair person on Monday. Another company came out and looked at his unit and told him it needed replacing for $4200 so my neighbor asked me who I keep talking about on FB and I pointed her to Carol. Definitive went out, replaced a $120 part and my friend is happy! Thanks Carol!

Charlotte Butler Salafia

Walk-in Cooler – Restaurant

Walk-in cooler went out in my restaurant, called several other companies to come out and see if they could fix it – charged me to do things that didn’t even really fix my walk-in – made it worse in fact. Definite came out super quick, resolved my issue temporarily (til the new parts can be ordered!) Will do business with again! Thanks.

Horst Schlembach

A/C Repair

Definitive Air really helped my son out when his A/C went out. They treated him like family. I couldn’t be more happy with their level of service and would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you Definitive Air!

Nedda M. Lemman

Air Conditioning Weekend Emergency

Thanks Carol and Mike! Our a/c went out over the weekend and I greatly appreciate your prompt service first thing Monday morning. I now know that you even tried to call me back on Sunday and I didn’t get the message until this morning. You guys are awesome and really take care of your customers. Thanks again!

Dawna Lepler

Air Conditioning Check Up And Repair Services

If you’re in need of an air conditioning check up or repair services, these are definitely the people to call. They serviced mine and it is running beautifully! I wouldn’t call anyone else. I understand they also do commercial work including walk-in freezers. Multi-talented and good, honest people. Just had give you a round of applause.

Reba Lowe

A/C Maintenance For the Summer

Thanks for saving my ac with the maintenance visit that found two capacitors on their last legs. Now I won’t be without air this summer and won’t need emergency service!!

Mehul Jarecha

Cut My Summer Bills in Half

Terrific company and excellent customer service. I would recommend Definitive Air conditioning to EVERYONE. Mike installed a piggy-back evap cooler on my house, and that alone cut my summer energy bills in half! Everything works perfectly, and my house is nice and cool. Thank you Definitive Air!

Bobby Van

Air Conditioning Service & Vent Replacement

Mike and Carol came over and helped me with my ac problems. Mike serviced my air conditioner and then replaced all the ac vents in my house. Now, instead of my bathroom being a hot, swampy place, it is nice and chilly! No more air flow problems here!

Ellie Claypool

Loose Wiring To Compressor

Mike helped us dodge a bullet. Found some loose wiring to the compressor. Who knows what could’ve happened had we not checked before summer really began! Thanks Mike! And Carol, what a gem

Steven Colucci

Work On Our A/C

Mike and Carol are wonderful Christian folks. We have had them do work on our A/C and refer them to many others. I know and hear only GREAT things about Definitive Air.

Natalee Brown Beresford

A GREAT A/C Company

To my all Maricopa County friends….as the temps are now hitting the triple digits, it is important to know a GREAT A/C company who can not only take care of repairs but can do a check-up and preventative care so that you live in comfort all summer long. I highly recommend Definitive Air for all your HVAC needs

Jennifer Brown

Need Your A/C Looked Over?

It’s getting awfully hot out. If you need your A/C looked over, I recommendDefinitive Air to everyone! They are honest, fair, and go out of their way to make you feel like you are family.

Nedda M. Lemman

We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions…

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