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Spring is fast approaching and next will come ¬†the summer heat. ¬†Is your air conditioner running at it’s peak performance and ready to take on another summer? ¬†Definitive Air¬†¬†is now¬†scheduling our spring start up special. ¬†This special will include¬†checking and inspecting the following:

Thermostat, Filters, Blower wheel,  Temperature split, Condensate lines, Refrigerant pressures, Wiring connections, Control board, Reversing valve, Coils, Blower motor, Condenser fan motor, Compressor, Drain pans, Contractor, Load test capacitor, Take amp draw on motors and compressor.

We are a full service HVAC company that can provide you with sales, service and installation on most makes and models.  There is no reason to be caught without air conditioning this summer.  Call Definitive Air today to schedule your spring check.

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