Split System / Heat Pumps

These have the evaporator coil and fan located in the home while the condenser fan compressor and reversing valve is located outside the home. The air handler and evaporator section can be in the attic, in a closet or in a garage. Supplemental heat strips can be added to this type of system also. These systems are generally 220 volts.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have the ability to move heat from one area to another and in either direction. This allows the heat pump to bring heat into an occupied space, or to take it out. In the cooling mode, a heat pump works the same as an ordinary air conditioning unit.

A heat pump used a refrigerant which absorbs heat as it vaporizes and releases the heat when it is condensed. It uses an outside evaporator to absorb heat from inside an occupied space and reject this heat to the conditioned, where the condenser and compressor are located, while the evaporator is inside. The key component that makes a heat pump different from an air conditioner is the reversing valve. This valve allows for the flow direction of the refrigerant to be changed. This will allow the heat to be pumped in either direction.

Heat mode

The outdoor coil becomes the evaporator, while the indoor becomes the condenser which absorbs the heat from the refrigerant and dissipates to the air flowing through it. With the refrigerant flowing in the opposite direction, the evaporator (outdoor coil) is absorbing the the heat from the air and moving it inside Once it picks up heat it is compressed and then sent to the condenser (inside coil). The indoor coil then injects the heat into the air handler which moves the heated air throughout the house.

Cool mode

The outdoor coil is now the evaporator in the way that it is going to be used to absorb the heat from inside the enclosed space. The evaporator absorbs the heat from the inside and takes it to the condenser where it is rejected into the outside air.

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