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Why is it important to get second or even third opinions when it comes to your air conditioning system?   Unfortunately not everyone is as honest as they should be in this industry.  Time after time Definitive Air has gone out on second opinions for people who have been told they need to replace their existing units. Often times we find that it is just a minor repair saving the customer hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Here’s just a couple of reviews and what people are saying about Definitive Air.

 Honest company

I had been noticing a burning odor whenever my AC turned on and needed to find the problem.  I had two other companies came out to troubleshoot and – surprise – both companies told me I should replace my entire AC unit. I was told totally different reasons from each one but they both stressed that I needed to replace the unit right away. I was given quotes from $5,500 to $7,800.
My gut told me different. I saw that Definitive Air had 4-5 star ratings on many consumer sites so I gave them a call. I am glad I did. Mike came out right away and diagnosed my problem as a bad capacitor on the evap blower. 30 minutes and $128.00 later everything was fixed.
Thanks, Mike, for saving me thousands of dollars! Definitive Air is my HVAC company now.

The Best Company Ever

This Company is awesome! We own a restaurant and our walk-in cooler went out. We called 4 different companies, but nobody responded. Definitive air was there in about 15 minutes and took care of the problem. I recommend this company to anybody who has an air conditioning problem. We love this company if I could give 10 stars, I would.

Honest and Reliable

Definitive Air is excellent, they really know their stuff. I referred them to a friend who was told by another A/C company that they had to pay $4000 to replace their home unit. Definitive Air went out for a second opinion and replaced a $120 part and it’s working perfectly fine. 
You can depend on them day or night.

If you have questions about your air conditioning system, or would like a second opinion please feel free to contact Definitive Air.  Don’t ever let someone pressure you into purchasing a new system without a second or even third opinion. 

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